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  • What is a breakfast meeting?
    Breakfast meetings are debate meetings that are organized early in the morning, and where breakfast is served, usually in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We at Svalbard Business Association organize regular breakfast meetings for our members where a current topic is presented in the form of a presentation/lecture, opening for debate and open dialogue around current issues, serving coffee/tea and breakfast food. A key word summary of the meetings is created and shared on the breakfast meeting page here at svalbardnf. no.
  • What is a business association?
    A branch organization or business association, is an organization founded and financed by participants in business who operate in a specific industry.
  • What do we do in Svalbard Business Association?
    Svalbard Business Association was first established to provide knowledge and advice to its members associated with business life in Longyearbyen, and to operate as a spokesperson for the further development of the world's northernmost community. We aim to challenge government policy and matters related to sustainable living conditions on Svalbard - as of 2023, particularly focused on the critical housing situation, costs around transition of power supply, flight and transport, and regulations in the business world. Breakfast meetings are a central part of our work, as communication and interdisciplinary dialogue help maintain a dynamic society in constant development. At these meetings, we invite our members to participate as a valuable resource and to contribute in open dialogue around the many current issues that arise, as well as encourage input that can inspire guest lecturers etc.
  • Where is the audience house on the bykaia?
    The Public House is a barracks building next to Port Longyear's office on the city quay. See attached map section:
  • Hva er "Svalbarderklæringen"?
    Skift Norge og partnere (blant annet vår medlemsbedrift Multiconsult AS) står bak lanseringen av "Svalbarderklæringen" som presenterer en plan med 6 punkter for at Longyearbyen skal bli et nullutslippssamfunn innen 2023, se under for utdrag og lenke til saken i helhet: Mission possible: Longyearbyen som nullutslippssamfunn i 2030 Svalbard er et kompakt og komplett samfunn langt nord, som allerede lever med alvorlige konsekvenser av klimaendringer. Temperaturen på Svalbard har økt med over 6 grader på bare tjue år. Permafrost som smelter, med vær og vind i rask endring, fører til betydelige skader på infrastruktur og bygg. Svalbard er et observatorium for klimaendringer. Longyearbyen som nullutslippssamfunn – med høy leveringssikkerhet – vil ha en enorm symboleffekt gjennom å vise at dette er mulig i verdens nordligste samfunn. Null utslipp er fortsatt mulig å nå innen 2030, men krever raske tiltak. Her kan du lese hele erklæringen:
  • How much does a year's membership of the Svalbard Business Association cost?
    The quota is based on the member companies' turnover (per 2023) 0-5 million per year: NOK 2000 5-15 million per year: NOK 3,500 Over 15 million per year: NOK 7,500
  • I'm a member, but I'm not getting any emails. What do I do?
    We work continuously to update our mailing list and greatly appreciate continuous feedback so that it can be kept current and updated. If you are unsure that we have the correct email address, send us the following information by email to Svalbard Næringforening: 1. Full name 2. Member company 3. Email address
  • Do you have office space for rent?
    As of now, Svalbard Næringsforening does not have its own office space.
  • Is it a requirement for all companies in Longyearbyen to have recreational accident insurance (in addition to occupational injury insurance)?
    We are on the case and will return with an answer here.
  • I have started my own A/S (stock-based company) that I want to move to Longyearbyen. How do I do this?
    Get in touch by email, and we will help you further here. We recommend becoming a member of the Svalbard Business Association to join the dialogue with other local business owners and network opportunities.
  • Where can I read more about the business fund?
    At Longyearbyen local council you will find more information about this.
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