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Svalbard Business Association was first established to provide knowledge and advice to its members associated with business life in Longyearbyen, and to operate as a spokesperson for the further development of the world's northernmost community.


We aim to challenge government policy and matters related to sustainable living conditions on Svalbard - as of 2023, particularly focused on the critical housing situation, costs around transition of power supply, flight and transport, and regulations in the business world.


Breakfast meetings are a central part of our work, as communication and interdisciplinary dialogue help maintain a dynamic society in constant development. At these meetings, we invite our members to participate as a valuable resource and to contribute in open dialogue around the many current issues that arise, as well as encourage input that can inspire guest lecturers etc.


Focused on members

We focus on the local business life industry through use of open communication, meetings between members and interdisciplinary dialouge.

Socially conscious

The association works to promote the different profession's interests through projects and industry groups.

Attractive partner for collaboration

Our purpose is to preserve the interests of Svalbard's private business life and to promote further development through growth and innovation.

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